What is the Legacy Fund

Legacy Fund logoThe Legacy Fund was created in 2004 to provide an endowment fund for members to provide gifts, bequests and a variety of financial trusts to support ministries of the First United Methodist Church. The fund operates by placing monies into an investment account under an outside investment manager.

Members who give to the Fund or have designated monies or trusts to support the Legacy Fund are members of the Legacy Fund society.  Society members meet periodically for financial planning seminars.  Legacy Fund society members are recognized on a special plaque in the church narthex. 


    See Legacy Fund member testimonials.


Unless otherwise specified all gifts to the fund are unrestricted as to use. The purpose of the fund, however, is to operate as an endowment with all gifts protected in the corpus. A portion of the earnings from the fund may be allocated each year to support continuing ministries of the church.

In recent years a portion of the fund was used as collateral for a low interest note on previous church construction. In 2010, the fund pledged $100,000.00 to reduce the current debt of the church.