One Year Later, the Legacy of Betty Joe Fisher

by Carolyn Panko

Many of us are fortunate to know a special someone who impacts our lives at critical moments and shows by example how to “do unto others.” Through those who knew Betty Joe Fisher and were recipients of her love, guidance, and friendship over her long life, the memory of her many accomplishments will pass to the next generation of teachers, counselors, military women, and those who strive for excellence in all ways. At her funeral service one year ago Betty Joe’s generosity of spirit and her values were mentioned often. Her father, she noted in some of her own writings, taught her the importance of “being honest, truthful, keeping commitments . . . being kind to others . . . and acquiring a good education.”

During her long life as a teacher, a Navy WAVE, a volunteer for almost everything, a writer, and so much more, Betty Joe made a difference. Every time we approach our church entrance we enjoy one of Betty Joe’s gifts – the flag and memorial flagpole installation outside the Emmaus Center.

The amazing legacy of Betty Joe Fisher to the Cathedral of the Rockies is just beginning. Our church became the beneficiary of a substantial monetary gift as part of her estate. Through her bounty the Legacy Fund and the Count Your Blessings debt reduction campaign each received $35,000, the sanctuary sound system enhancement was made possible, and the pastor’s “New Vision Opportunities” received generous seed money, all approved by the Board of Trustees. Betty Joe’s childhood Christian commitment continued until her death, and her vision in making our church her major beneficiary may inspire others to make a similar legacy gift. Bless her heart!