Don and Iris Hendrickson

Photo of Don and Iris HendricksonBoth of us grew up as Methodists and have been long-time members of the Cathedral of the Rockies. We cherish and enjoy the community of faith at the Cathedral, and want to see the congregation grow and prosper so others can participate in the many services and opportunities that help on our life?s journey. Several years ago, we established a Charitable Remainder Trust and named the Cathedral of the Rockies as a beneficiary. The trust pays us a percentage of the value of the trust each quarter, and when we are both gone, the remaining value of the trust goes to the Cathedral. We recognize and appreciate the many blessings God has bestowed upon us through the years, and are pleased that we have the opportunity to leave a legacy to help the Cathedral continue with its fine work here in Boise.

Don & Iris Hendrickson