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Court cites 2016 decision in query at GC2019

Methodist News - Sun, 02/24/2019 - 17:21
The United Methodist Judicial Council referred to a previous decision in answer to a question about potential conflicts in language in the denomination’s lawbook.

Many arrive to witness United Methodist history

Methodist News - Sun, 02/24/2019 - 14:36
Observers to special called General Conference come from afar and reflect denomination’s struggle with theological diversity

GC2019 Daily Update: Feb. 24

Methodist News - Sun, 02/24/2019 - 10:53
Updated 5:30 p.m. Sunday:
Delegates ranked petitions by priority for refining in legislative committee. The One Church Plan, backed by a majority of bishops, was fifth.

One Church Plan rally draws overflow crowd

Methodist News - Sun, 02/24/2019 - 10:19
More than 400 United Methodists came together for an event that extolled the GC2019 proposal that backers say keeps church together.

General Conference 2019 - Day 1 wrap-up

Methodist News - Sun, 02/24/2019 - 09:08
A news summary of the first day of action at the 2019 General Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Reporters Roundtable - Day 1 of the 2019 General Conference

Methodist News - Sun, 02/24/2019 - 08:57
The 2019 special General Conference has been celebratory but at the same time subdued, say three communicators working at the historic St. Louis event. The Rev. Art McClanahan speaks with Tim Jones and Annette Spence of the Holston Conference and Jackie Campbell of the Western Pennsylvania Conference on a reporter’s roundtable on Day 1 of the General Conference.

Prayer ministry is a 'spirit experience'

Methodist News - Sun, 02/24/2019 - 08:43
The prayer ministry at the 2019 special General Conference includes a labyrinth, quiet spaces for contemplation and the availability of spiritual directors, says Aletha Weatherall, lead of the prayer team. The Rev. Art McClanahan speaks with Weatherall about her team’s efforts to design a “spirit experience” that includes elements of fasting, confession and repentance.

What diet is best for older adults?

Senior Medical News - Sun, 02/24/2019 - 01:00
Finding the best way for older adults to lose weight safely can be challenging. A new study may help guide nutritional decisions in this population.

Court Rules two GC2019 petitions unconstitutional

Methodist News - Sat, 02/23/2019 - 19:59
The United Methodist Judicial Council finds problems in legislative proposals for future church structure.

Sweet hours of prayer begin GC2019

Methodist News - Sat, 02/23/2019 - 17:30
United Methodists spend six hours praying, singing, sharing before starting the hard work of General Conference legislation.

Court to consider GC2019 request from bishops

Methodist News - Sat, 02/23/2019 - 13:06
United Methodist Council of Bishops asks the Judicial Council for rulings on constitutionality of two legislative petitions.

Good News GC2019 breakfast draws big crowd

Methodist News - Sat, 02/23/2019 - 12:42
The Rev. Jerry Kulah touts Modified Traditional Plan and says African delegates 'are not children in need of Western enlightenment' on sexual ethics.

LGBTQ voices heard at pre-GC event

Methodist News - Sat, 02/23/2019 - 09:54
Forum features openly gay delegates assessing One Church Plan and other legislative options.

Africa Initiative gathers delegates before GC2019

Methodist News - Fri, 02/22/2019 - 15:04
Many central conference delegates at an Africa Initiative gathering expressed support for the plan that maintains the church's stance on LGBTQ people and toughens enforcement.

Pastors write 'love letter' to LGBTQ laity

Methodist News - Fri, 02/22/2019 - 14:18
Just ahead of GC2019, which will address the church's longtime homosexuality debate, more than 100 clergy seek to offer words of comfort.

Listen in: Audio emanating from GC2019

Methodist News - Fri, 02/22/2019 - 12:37
Dr. Arthur McClanahan, director of communications for the Iowa Conference, is compiling and presenting a variety of audio files from the special called General Conference.

A conversation with the worship team

Methodist News - Fri, 02/22/2019 - 09:28
Listen to the leaders of the team who will lead worship at the special General Conference in St. Louis explain their approach to helping create a sacred experience while delegates seek to see a way forward for the United Methodist Church. The Rev. Arthur McClanahan, director of communications for the Iowa Conference, conducts the interviews.

Court voids 2016 rule for bishops outside U.S.

Methodist News - Thu, 02/21/2019 - 19:05
Among decisions by United Methodist Judicial Council during a February session is voiding an action by General Conference 2016.

Amid struggles, deaconess movement flourishes in the Philippines

Methodist News - Thu, 02/21/2019 - 13:44
Called to ministries of love, justice and service, more than 400 Filipina deaconesses — and their counterparts around the world — teach, preach and reach out to the marginalized.

What are the early signs of dementia?

Senior Medical News - Thu, 02/21/2019 - 13:00
There are 10 early signs and symptoms of dementia, including misplacing things, difficulty solving problems, and confusing times and places. Learn about the other signs in this article.
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