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AU, Yale students aim to fill health care gaps

Methodist News - Wed, 06/24/2020 - 09:23
An Africa University student and a Yale student have co-founded a company they hope can provide small clinics in African communities that have no health care.

Prisoners facing crisis during COVID-19

Methodist News - Tue, 06/23/2020 - 08:51
United Methodists are urged to advocate for early release of vulnerable people in prisons or detention centers to stop spread of pandemic.

DACA decision brings joy, but battle not over

Methodist News - Mon, 06/22/2020 - 13:09
About 650,000 young people have gained temporary relief from deportation with U.S. Supreme Court decision to uphold Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Bishops pledge more effective anti-racism campaign

Methodist News - Fri, 06/19/2020 - 10:56
Bishops and other United Methodists supporting a new anti-racism campaign are determined to get solid results from their efforts.

Food insecurity and the COVID-19 pandemic

Methodist News - Fri, 06/19/2020 - 09:43
Food-related ministries have provided a way for the church to respond to the pandemic, even when pews remained empty and other programs were shuttered.

AU students condemn US racism, ethnic tribalism

Methodist News - Fri, 06/19/2020 - 07:08
International students at Africa University have condemned racism in the U.S., which they likened to the tribalism that is rife on the African continent.

Black father prepares sons for racial injustice

Methodist News - Thu, 06/18/2020 - 11:43
“I have no positive to give you,” one son says. In a commentary, the Rev. Byron Thomas calls on white fathers to teach their sons about racial injustice, too.

Local churches show resilience in crisis

Methodist News - Thu, 06/18/2020 - 10:40
Three months into pandemic-related restrictions, many U.S. United Methodist churches are more optimistic about their finances and see hope for the “new normal.”

Renewed vigor in the fight against racism

Methodist News - Wed, 06/17/2020 - 09:37
As United Methodists look toward a General Conference in the city where George Floyd died, they are recommitting themselves to fighting racism.

Yed Angoran, a global leader, dies at 73

Methodist News - Tue, 06/16/2020 - 12:55
Yed Esaie Angoran, a leader in both The United Methodist Church and the country of Côte d’Ivoire, died of a heart attack.

Back in church: ‘Like Easter and Christmas’

Methodist News - Tue, 06/16/2020 - 10:49
Restrictions are many, and the coronavirus pandemic remains a threat, but more United Methodist churches are resuming in-person worship.

European churches easing back into live worship

Methodist News - Mon, 06/15/2020 - 10:12
European and Eurasian churches are reopening after many shut their doors because of the coronavirus.

2020 Arkansas Annual Conference

Methodist News - Sat, 06/13/2020 - 12:00
June 13, via Zoom.

Filipinos speak out against anti-terrorism bill

Methodist News - Fri, 06/12/2020 - 10:11
Manila Area Bishop Ciriaco Q. Francisco called the bill oppressive, while others spoke out against red-tagging and human rights abuses.

IT heroes kept church going during COVID-19

Methodist News - Fri, 06/12/2020 - 09:31
When in-person worship services stopped because of the coronavirus, the swift efforts of information technology church workers allowed many churches to meet online.

Robert E. Lee image out at Boise church

Methodist News - Thu, 06/11/2020 - 15:33
Cathedral of the Rockies, also known as Boise First United Methodist Church, will remove the Confederate general from its stained glass.

#MeToo case ends with surrendered credentials

Methodist News - Thu, 06/11/2020 - 14:23
Donald “Bud” Heckman has left ordained ministry under complaint after facing an earlier complaint of sexual misconduct and abuse brought by four women.

Confronting ridiculous 'logic' of white supremacy

Methodist News - Thu, 06/11/2020 - 10:59
The church must decide between self-justifications for racism and honest claims to justice.

Kenyan women shift sewing ministry during pandemic

Methodist News - Wed, 06/10/2020 - 10:16
United Methodists provide face masks and food to communities struggling during the coronavirus and a locust invasion.

Police reform must involve reconciliation

Methodist News - Wed, 06/10/2020 - 09:54
A former police officer, African American man and clergyman writes about the need for reform coupled with reconciliation.
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